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Bengt Magnus Dyrkorn

Bengt Magnus Dyrkorn offers consultancy services in project management and advisory services for the media industry and companies that focus on digital development. Bengt has a broad background from the media industry, experience from project management, product development and content production and have good knowledge of technological solutions and solid insights into digital strategies and…

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Bianca Mallee

Bianca Mallee started her occupation as an electrical engineer & ended up with a degree in technical business administration. After working as project manager at Armada Janse and operations manager at Minkels I joined ASML in 2001. I’m working at ASML for 17 years in different managerial roles in the development and engineering organization. Last…

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Wikash Madarie

Wikash Madarie is Scrum Master and Chapter Lead at T-Mobile where his focus besides coaching teams lies on creating cross-company platforms. These platforms work as a living Agile knowledge base that everyone in the company can consult with. Not just only IT but also the Sales department, HR, etc.

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Arno Hanssen

Arno Hanssen started in July 2015 in the role of RTE of the B2C Mobile ART at T-Mobile Netherlands. In 2017 Arno joined the first SAFe RTE course ever, and after passing his exam he may call himself a SAFe 4 certified RTE. This certificate is a nice addition to his master degree in Business…

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Erik Bootsma

Erik Bootsma is Product Owner and Release Train Engineer at PostNL, where he is responsible for the Agile Release Train of Parcels as well as the Event Management IT platform. Before Erik started to work for PostNL in 2014, Erik worked for Capgemini as Managing Consultant. In that position he advised (logistics) companies on Advanced…

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