Arjan Martens - RTE Summit 2019

Arjan Martens

With a master degree in mechanical engineering directly started my career at ASML in 2004. Working at ASML for 15 years in different roles in the development and engineering organization. Last 9 years responsible as project manager. Today we have translated my project manager role into Chief Product Owner at IBP&S in a (Scaled) Agile project environment.

IBP&S is the division that handles the competitively crucial business of installed-base maintenance and upgrades for this global leader in semiconductor machinery manufacturing. Including hardware, software and beyond. It’s an unusual field for SAFe to thrive in: there aren’t that many companies that dare apply such a situationally adaptive approach to a multi-billion Euro hardware development process. As Chief product owner I am front runner at ASML introducing this new way of working on project level.

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