Arno Hanssen - RTE Summit 2019

Arno Hanssen

Arno Hanssen started in July 2015 in the role of RTE of the B2C Mobile ART at T-Mobile Netherlands. In 2017 Arno joined the first SAFe RTE course ever, and after passing his exam he may call himself a SAFe 4 certified RTE. This certificate is a nice addition to his master degree in Business Engineering (ir) and his MBA degree from TIAS Business School. Arno has always worked on the cutting edge of IT & Business in large organizations, in areas of Agile Transformation, Outsourcing, IT Governance, and Service Management. Before being an RTE, Arno was a Waterfall Release Manager and a IT Vendor Manager at T-Mobile. Before he joined T-Mobile, Arno worked for 14 years for the IT Management Consultancy firm Quint Wellington Redwood.

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