Bianca Mallee - RTE Summit 2019

Bianca Mallee

Bianca Mallee started her occupation as an electrical engineer & ended up with a degree in technical business administration. After working as project manager at Armada Janse and operations manager at Minkels I joined ASML in 2001. I’m working at ASML for 17 years in different managerial roles in the development and engineering organization. Last years as a business transformation manager introducing SAFe by coaching ASML towards business excellence. Being part of the SAFe change team Arjan; who’s the front runner within Scaled Agile at projectlevel; myself removing impedements & coaching management and the other change team colleagueas we started this journey believing this is the way forward to implement larger solutions. Working with people on all levels in the organziation is very much rewarding and fully supported by our Excom who believe this is the way forward too.

There are two sides of the story in this challenge. The first is introducing the knowledge & principles of SAFe including hardware. The second challenge is combining this new way of working in transforming the current behavior & mindset within our company to a Agile state of mind.


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