Eduardo Avila Alvim - RTE Summit 2019

Eduardo Avila Alvim

Eduardo Avila Alvim is certified SPC4 (SAFe Program Consultant), being an agile expert and agility leader for the last 4 years at Amadeus, in the sunny south of France. Holding other certifications as CSM, PSM, CSPO, CSP-SM, CSP-PO he is passioned by all the different aspects and subjects around the agile world, specially on helping to scale up agile in large organizations and lean budgeting.

During the last 10 years, has been an active member of different agile communities, speaking in different events and trainer for different subjects around agility and people management in the agile world.

Initial contacts with agile started on 2004, when he first heard about a different way of work, more efficient, focused on people and customer value. Since then, he played different roles as business analyst, project manager, program manager and Scrum Master.

Currently, in Amadeus, he is very busy helping to scale up agile to enterprise level by using SAFe as the framework to achieve business objectives in an end-to-end perspective. In addition, plays the role of RTE for one ART with 130 people spread around the globe.

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