Ali Hajou

Position:Co-Chairman RTE-Summit
Company:BlinkLane Consulting
Article:The youngest SPCT ever on the crusade of cutting the bull

Ali Hajou is a Senior Consultant at BlinkLane and SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) at the Gladwell Academy.

Ali Hajou holds a MSc in Business Informatics at Utrecht University. He has worked in the pharmaceutical, financial, high-tech, and public services industry as a Business Analyst, Product Owner, Agile Transformation Consultant, (SPC) Change Agent, and Agile Coach. In these roles Ali had the privilege to advice, support, train, and collaborate with various development and management teams in sculpting their Agile Way of Working.

Ali is characterised by clients as being patient but persistent, continuously pragmatic, and knowledgeable in engineering a flavour of agile practices and frameworks (such as SAFe) to ensure a perfect organisational fit.

With both practical and academic experience in researching the applicability of agile practices within highly documentative environments and enterprises with strict corporate governance, he is determined to help anyone that is interested in value oriented, adaptive, and iterative ways of working.