Eelco Rustenburg

Position:SPCT, Digital Transformer, Agile Writer
Company:BlinkLane Consulting

After moving back and forth between in-depth IT architecture and programming assignments and jobs, and more management and process jobs, Eelco’s search has ended with his discovery of agile and the use of it in management of any kind.
Eelco has 12 years of very differentiating jobs experience, from programming OO languages like C++, smalltalk and java, to management of a business unit. He is committed to proving that an agile process can be hyper-effective on a large scale organization or operation.

The book “The power of Scrum”, which he wrote together with Jeff Sutherland (Founder of the number one Agile method Scrum) and Rini van Solingen (Professor Global Software Engineering at Delft) is a result of passion, perseverance and focus.

Several assignments as business unit manager, department manager, program manager, project manager, technical lead have taught him how to use agile principles on an organizational level, and outside IT. He now works with all kind of companies to implement Agile, in IT based and non IT based organizations.

Specialties: Agile, Management, Scrum, Change management, coaching, project management, project acquisition, organizational structure and culture, behavior, communication, India collaboration