RTE Summit Global: An event by RTEs for RTEs

This year’s RTE Summit is going global. Hosted by RTE Summit founder Andres Jansen and co-chaired by Ali Hajou, expect an exciting event to catchup and share best practices with other RTEs. RTEs are needed now more than ever, with organizations rapidly reorienting and realigning in a rapidly changing market, giving RTEs little time to develop their skills or build the fellows network. Our informal open learning and networking environment presents the perfect opportunity to advance your career. 

A Cutting Edge Virtual Platform

For the first time ever, the RTE Summit will be hosted virtually via a fully interactive online event platform, making the Summit more accessible than ever! From your home, office, or wherever, you will have the same opportunity to engage with speakers and fellow attendees to learn about the newest advances and ideas in the RTE field while building a stronger personal and professional network. 

Hosted by Let’s Get Digital, a premier studio specializing in hosting professional events, Gladwell Academy will present a wide selections of exciting speakers, interactive games, multiple breakout rooms, and more. Expect the same RTE Summit experience only virtually.  

An Exciting and Enriching Program

  • Some of the most prestigious RTEs as speakers 
  • Interactive workshops 
  • Online games and quizzes 

Networking Opportunities

  • Online networking at round tables
  • Meet up in the lobby with our hosts
  • Connect and chat with other participants at any time in breakout rooms
  • Live Q&A’s and chats with speakers and sponsors

An Expert Virtual Platform

  • Hosted from a professional film studio 
  • Select your own personal program from the parallel sessions, join whenever you are available
  • Refer back to recordings of presentations at any time
  • Participants can join the event from all over the world 

Attendees by industry

Feedback from last year

After the RTE Summit 2019 we asked the attendees to fill in a survey to measure their experience. We are more than happy to see that the majority of the attendees had a great time. We are sure that everyone will have a great experience this year as well.

EventInsight App: a tool which contains information of the event and allows participants, speakers and companies to interact. With the app you can sign up for program items and connect and interact with other participants.

the time remaining before the event takes place:

2020/11/09 08:30:00